Allied was formed in 1983 with the express purpose of acting as a sales representative for British naval technology OEM’s who wanted to offer their products and services to the US Navy and US Coast Guard. Despite some early success it soon became apparent that the development of a long-term, viable presence in the market would depend on the OEM’s ability to meet the unique demands of the US customer, whether this involved complying with US MIL-STD’s for shock and vibration or supplying “fully-levelized” technical manuals and repair standards. It was not enough to have a good product at a competitive price; the offered equipment also had to be accepted as a “standard” product, equivalent or superior to its domestic competitors in every way. Understandably, the Department of Defense expected the foreign entity to comply with the full set of applicable standards and specifications if the OEM wanted to secure meaningful business.  This required a level of commitment and focus that was most readily obtained by the formation of dedicated US-based entities, each addressing technology verticals within the broader defense market.

For more than 30 years, Allied has established an excellent reputation in the sales and marketing of equipment and services to the US Navy and Coast Guard. For eight consecutive years, Allied has received Gold or Silver awards from the US Department of Defense, recognizing the companies consistent level of excellence in delivery and quality that exceeds 99% ABVS score.