Gali International, SA.

Located in Barcelona, Spain is the headquarters of the Gali Grup,  an international set of companies with expertise in the manufacturing of engine starters successfully used on marine diesel engines, gas turbines, generator sets prime movers, compressor, etc. Suitable for use under arctic conditions, off-shore drilling platforms, and hazardous atmospheres. Extremely powerful for their size and weight with high torque and speed to ensurethe engine attains its ignition speed in a few seconds. Low air consumption and reduced maintenance by not requiring any external lubrication. GALI starters can be operated at a pressure ranging from 3/4 Mpa (30/40 bar) as the maximum and minimum working pressures depend on installation conditions. Gali also offers complete engine starting sets inclusive of air compressors and air receivers.  Gali starters and starting systems are approved by Bureau Veritas, Lloyd's Register, Germanischer Lloyds & American Bureau of Shipping and others upon request..  GALI is an ISO 9001 certified company.


Air Starters
The GALI air starters are intended for use on internal combustion engines and gas turbines.
Explosion Proof Starters
Gali supplies explosion-proof engine starters that ensure safe engine starting even in hazardous environments.
Air Shut Off Valves
Extremely lightweight, compact design with a wide range of applications.
Assembled Air Receiver
Assembled Air Receivers
Air Compressor
Type CGB - 30 bar
Hydraulic Starters
The Hydraulic Starters are mainly used to start diesel engines generally emergency sets for marine, oil and gas, off-shore, etc.
Engine Turning Mechanisms
Turn 7-500-40-80 & Turn 7-300-62-80