David Brown Engineering, Ltd.

David Brown offers custom built, specialist marine gearboxes (above 1MW) to suit all power source configurations.  David Brown supports the widest range of reduction gear configurations in the marine industry. David Brown is recognised as providing the quietest and most durable gearboxes for land, surface and submarine defence applications in the world.  Allied maintains an exclusive arrangement with David Brown, providing legacy spare parts support and service for main propulsion reduction gears aboard USN and USCG vessels.  These include gear boxes provided by Modern Wheel Drive, English Electric Corp., GEC Marine & Industrial Gears, Alstom Gears and others. These gear boxes are fitted in the following vessels:

USN ARS-50 Class Salvage Ships

USN ATS-1 Class Salvage Tugs

USCG WMEC “Bear Class” Medium Endurance Cutters (A and B Class)