H-Scientific Ltd.

H-Scientific has become a leading developer of innovative technology for marine and submarine vehicles in the fields of dynamic simulation, autopilot technology and navigation instruments and telemetry systems. The company has developed a suite of self-tuning autopilots for remote and autonomous control of surface and subsurface ROVs and AUVs/UUVs, offering heading, speed, depth/height and attitude control, together with dynamic positioning / hovering.  The company offers the world's only off-the-shelf marine simulator supporting the ISO11674, ISO16329 and IEC62065 standards for heading and track control systems.


Surface Vessel Autopilot
The SPECTRE Remote Control Autopilot System is a turnkey system designed to control an unmanned surface craft
AUV/ROV Autopilot
The AUV autopilot is based on the SPECTRE autopilot board and has been installed on submersible vehicles.
Airship Autopilot
The airship autopilot comprises the SPECTRE autopilot board together with GPS, airspeed, height, attitude and heading instrumentation.
Remote controlled autopilot.
SPECTRE 2 Autopilot Board
Remote controlled autopilot
Ship Sim for Autopilot Testing
ShipSim 3 provides a cost-effective means of testing an autopilot and makes autopilot development quicker, more efficient and simpler.
SPECTRE Mk3 vs SPECTRE Lite comparison chart
ShipSim 3
ShipSim 3 is equipped with interfaces to enable it to be connected to helm, levers, autopilots and other marine electronic equipment.
AUVSim simulates the behaviour of an underwater vehicle, such as an autonomous underwater (AUV), minisubmarine (manned or unmanned), and remotely operated vehicle (ROV).
Airborne Vehicle Simulator
Based on AUVSim, AirshipSim was developed for testing and optimising the autopilot control modes and the interaction with sensors in an autonomous or remotely operated airship.
Helmsman Trainer
The Helmsman Trainer is a computer based ship simulation that teaches students how to control a ship of any size and under any environmental conditions.
Radio Communications Trainer
The Radio Communications Trainer allows students to learn intercommunications skills without an instructor being directly involved, saving on classroom time.