Allied Marine Services sells an extensive range of internationally known, high quality marine products and naval technology. 

Doors and Hatches: Watertight, Fire Rated

Bolton Gate Company
Manufacturer of fire rated roller shutters, IMO/FTP Code Res.A.754(18) and US Coast Guard approved to A-0. Classed by LRS & BV. Galvanized Steel and S/S options. Electric, chain and self coiling operation.
Manufacturer of marine fire rated doors and joiner doors, hinged and sliding, for commercial ships and yachts.

Electronics / Navigation / Autopilots

H-Scientific Ltd.
H-Scientific has become a leading developer of innovative technology for marine and submarine vehicles in the fields of dynamic simulation, autopilot technology and navigation instruments and telemetry systems.
Kelvin Hughes, Ltd.
Kelvin Hughes is a world leader in the design and supply of navigation and surveillance systems. It has been in the forefront for more than 250 years, supplying advanced navigation solutions and services around the globe.

Hull / Shipboard Equipment Protection

Cathelco, Ltd.
Cathelco are world leading designers and manufacturers of equipment for ships and offshore installations. Their product range includes marine pipework anti-fouling (also known as MGPS) systems and impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP) systems to safeguard the hulls of commercial and naval vessels against corrosion.
Liberty Defence: Dynamics
Manufacturers of specialist Shock & Vibration products, Liberty Defence: Dynamics also provides an excellent technical service to the industry.

Propulsion / Stabilization / Steering Equipment

David Brown Engineering, Ltd.
David Brown is recognised as providing the quietest and most durable gearboxes for land, surface and submarine defence applications in the world. Allied maintains an exclusive arrangement to provide legacy spare parts support for main propulsion reduction gears aboard USN and USCG ships.
Gali International, SA.
Experts in the manufacturing of engine starters successfully used on marine diesel engines, gas turbines, generator sets prime movers, compressor, etc. Suitable for use under arctic conditions, off-shore drilling platforms, and hazardous atmospheres. GALI is an ISO 9001 certified company.
Hypro Marine, Ltd.
Leading designer and manufacturer of power-assisted steering systems, Hypro Marine has an enviable reputation in the industry for the quality and performance of its products.
Vosper Thornycroft
Allied maintains an exclusive arrangement to provide legacy spare parts support for Vosper Thornycroft steering systems and stabilizers in service with the USCG and USN Fast Patrol Craft fleets and commercial applications.

Shipboard Sewage Handling / Fluid Transfer Equipment

Evac are the world's leading supplier of vacuum sanitary systems for marine applications. With over 30 years experience, the company has supplied systems for over 8000 vessels ranging from workboats & luxury yachts to the largest ferries and cruise liners.
One of Europe's largest manufacturers of close coupled centrifugal pumps. Herborner produces the largest range of centrifugal pumps available, offering solutions for Clean Water, Grey & Black Water, Sewage,Water Separation, Condensates, and Pressure Drainage.
Peco Facet
PECOFacet offers many treatment products used for all kinds of boats, from small fishing boats to huge passenger or cargo ships.